ACTRESS : 篠崎かんな

DESCRIPTION : うまそうな体。抱きつきたい。汗ばむ…はちきれそうな豊満ボディ。来て早々布団に押し倒した。服も着たまま大きな乳房を揉みしだき乳首をを強く弄ぶ。パンティを脱がすとすでにグチョ濡れ。前戯なしに即挿入して腰を振りまくる。連続チ◯ポイキでそのまま挿しっぱなし。一度男女の関係になったら…やみつきになった生チ◯ポ挿入!ぼろアパートの四畳半で彼女は快楽を知り、、、愛を知る。(撮影:神田川ブルース)A good body. I want to hug her. Sweaty… buxom body that looks like it’s about to burst. I pushed her down on the futon as soon as she arrived. I squeezed her big breasts and played with her nipples hard while she was still dressed. When I take off her panties、 she is already wet. He inserted himself immediately without foreplay and swung his hips around. He keeps inserting his dick in a row. Once they get into a relationship with a man and a woman、 they become addicted to inserting their dicks! In the four and a half tatami mats of her rundown apartment、 she knows pleasure、 and she knows love. (Photo by Kanda River Blues)

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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