DESCRIPTION : クリスのチンポ遊びは、大型オナホールで擬似SEX!!でっかいケツの形をしたオナホールに興味津々!!早速でかいチンポを挿入して腰を振ってみたら・・・。結構な気持ちよさにうっとりしながら腰振りまくり!!吐息が激しくなってきて、フィニッシュはオナホのケツの上に大量発射!!オナホシリーズ、やらしいかも。Chris’ cock game today turns into pseudo-sex with a true-to-life masturbator! He was very curious about a masturbator in the shape of a big ass. He plunges his big cock into it and shakes his hips back and forth. It felt so good、 he swoons to the feeling and thrusts his hips around even more! He breathes heavily、 and finishes by shooting a huge load of cum all over the masturbator’s ass! This masturbator series might just end up turning pretty dirty.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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