ACTRESS : オムニバス

DESCRIPTION : 繁華街で買い物中の母娘をナンパ!Hなアンケートをきっかけに母親にHを迫る。「娘がいるのでやめて下さい!」と驚くが本心は絶対嬉しいハズ!真面目な母親だから性生活は近頃ご無沙汰気味、断る言葉も無くなっていき‥!!すると何と娘も反応、ガマン出来なくなった母娘それぞれ4組の欲求不満解消で濃厚エロ!!We pick up a mother and daughter that are shopping downtown、 and pressure the mother to have sex with her through a sexy questionnaire. She’s pretty surprised at first、 saying that “I can’t because my daughter is right here!” but she’s definitely happy deep inside. She’s a serious mother、 so she hasn’t had much of a sex life lately、 so she doesn’t know how to say no! And then、 to her surprise、 her daughter also seems a little interested、 and she can’t take it anymore.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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