DESCRIPTION : 恥ずかしいそうにハニカんだ表情がカワイイ爽やかな青年ダイキ君。男同士身体を洗っているうちに、早くも股間は超ビンビン!乳首を愛撫されながら肉棒をしゃぶられ、テレながらも恍惚とした表情を浮かべます。その後ダイキ君が逆に男のマラを咥えて丁寧なフェラチオを披露。最後は自らシゴいて精子を大量噴射!Daiki is a refreshing young man with a cute、 embarrassed expression on his face. As he washed up with another man、 his magnum member started to get quite aroused! As the man caressed his nipples and started to suck his cock、 Daiki looked just oh-so ecstatic、 even though he was a little nervous. Afterwards、 Daiki sucks the man’s cock back and gave him a wonderful blowjob service. At the end、 the men shower themselves with a fountain of cum!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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