ACTRESS : Sienna

DESCRIPTION : Short haired blonde puts on her sexiest bra and panty set for a special date with her new lover. She strips naked and lies in bed, holding a big pink vibrator she’s ready to fall in love with. The blonde masturbates with the toy in several positions and it gives her the hottest orgasms.ショートヘアの金髪娘が、裸になりベッドに横たわると、お気に入りのピンクバイブでオナニー。いろんな体位で刺激を楽しみながらマジイキしちゃいます。金色短发女孩赤身裸体躺在床上,用她最喜欢的粉红色振动器自慰。 她享受着各种姿势的刺激,并变得非常坚硬。짧은 머리의 금발 소녀가 알몸으로 침대에 누워 좋아하는 핑크색 바이브로 자위를 한다. 다양한 체위에서 자극을 즐기면서 흥분하게 됩니다.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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