DESCRIPTION : 常連客のご紹介で来店された奥様方。初めは男性マッサージ師に驚くも、施術台に横になり特殊オイルを全身くまなくたっぷりと、塗られると身体を火照らせ感度上昇!イヤらしい声が漏れ出してしまう。全身テカテカ、アソコはグチョグチョになった奥様たちは理性崩壊!マッサージ師の股間を握り締め、昇天する!These wives came to the store through the introduction of a regular customer. At first, they are surprised to see a male masseuse, but when they lie down on the treatment table and get a lot of special oil applied all over their bodies, their bodies light up and their sensitivity rises! Their voices start leaking out. The wives are shiny all over and their pussies are so soggy that their rationality collapses! They clutch their masseuse’s crotch and ascend to heaven!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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