ACTRESS : 柊紗栄子

DESCRIPTION : ある日、つぶれてしまった夫を上司が連れて帰って来る。紗栄子と上司の間には、ある秘密があるのだった。つぶれた夫の横で上司の魔の手が迫る。心の底から抵抗できない紗栄子は夫の横で上司に寝取られる。数日後、再び現れた上司に玄関先で強引にフェラチオさせられ完全に心を壊される…One day, her boss comes home with her husband. Saeko and her boss have a secret. Next to her husband, who knows nothing, her boss’s clutches are closing in. Saeko is unable to refuse and is cuckolded by the boss beside her husband. A few days later, the boss shows up again and made her to give him a blowjob at the entrance, completely changed her mind…

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